Found Treasures

I was out in the back yard choosing my rock today and much to my delight, I found lots of little surprises! Well actually they’d been there all along, I just didn’t stop for long enough to notice them and really see what was there!
I didn’t realise how many found treasures I had gathered over the years – walking on sandy beaches, white sand, black sand…gathering shells, stones, broken glass, pieces of driftwood in all kinds of unusual forms, oh so many little gems…
koru hand painted rocks
I was really excited! Like a little kid with a new toy for five minutes or something, how could I have missed this before? My mind went on a “wonder” full journey creating new treasures from these found treasures, pieces of jewellery and sculptures and all sorts of creativity buzzing around in my hinengaro…
So I’ve decided to hang out the back for a bit longer during the day and pull out some of those bits and pieces…even just for half an hour, to grab something and say hmmm… where has this come from and what can I transform this into today and what message of hope and aroha will this treasure share with the world?
Jo x
PS – And just a litle extra kōrero for you – I’ve decided to change my book idea and instead of having four books, (the first three months have already been designed – what a mission I must say – it pays not to be fussy!) I’ll have one book for the whole year once the year is over and an exhibition of some of the photos (and rocks of course!) which will coincide with the book launch – thank-you Nina-kaye and Jack Gray (hey that rhymes!) for that little bit of prodding and inspiration (and I really am going to get you to come and dance Jack) and Lyn – Whittakers will be hearing from me! – and everybody else too who have been so tūturu to this kaupapa!!
But – because I am not going to have any books available before I go away, I have some little surprises up my sleeve…you’ll have the opportunity to purchase your favourite photo or two of the rocks so far… and it won’t cost you an arm or a leg…just give me a moment and you’ll be hearing from me soon when I invite you to this exclusive offer for rock followers and friends. Ma te wā xx


  1. Hello from across the world in Florida USA! Beautiful rocks! I love to bring home a rock from whatever ocean or river I visit. They end up on my shelves to look and touch or in our garden to rest with the plants and earth! I came across your post while trying to figure out the difference between koru and pitau! I am writing an art lesson for elementary school-we are going to draw and color koru designs…
    Your post reminded me of treasures I found in my garden earlier this year:

    I am going to read more to find out about your books! Best to you!

    1. Kiaora Jane, nice to meet you here!

      Oh that’s wonderful you are doing koru designs. There is an explanation on the home page of this blog and plenty of other explanations on the internet too. Pitau refers directly to the new shoot of the fern as it unfolds and koru is the looped, curled form… Once the year is over, there will be a book for the year! Best wishes with the class koru designs – I’ll go over to check out your blog too 🙂

  2. PLEASE let me know when your exhibition will be – that will be my time to come to Aotearoa! Yippee. And if you’d like any help with putting the exhibition together I would love to – I was a Curator in a former chapter and installation spaces is one of my joys.

    1. That’s wonderful Ilka – I SO look forward to that – and please do time it if you can to come at that time. Will be nice to have your energy there. Arohanui, Jo x

    1. cool one e hoa!! I’m planning on an exhibition and a book launch to go with the exhibition – march next year seems like the time for it – so will get you an invite – exciting!!! xx

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