Non – Judgmental

How often in a day do we judge?
In my quest to be non-judgmental, I learnt a cool thing to help me, and that is to ask a question when I find myself being judgmental of others and that question is,”hmmmm I wonder about that?”
koru hand painted rock
A simple question that puts whatever you are judging into a state of wonderment where you think of it as something unknown or new – something you “wonder” about and want to know more about rather than judge.

Being non-judgmental for me is about accepting another’s perspective, another’s way of living and if we can accept, we don’t have to agree, just accept, then we open ourselves up to learning opportunities and experiences that change us and the way we see the world.
I’m still learning to be non-judgmental (which is also a journey of acceptance of self) but being conscious of it allows me to change slowly but surely…
Jo x

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