First Light

Painting this rock was the first thing I did today. I had a million and one other things to do, packing, packing and more packing oh and of course I had to go and see Ron and see what fantabulous kākahu he had magic-ed up for me! And lunch with Todd before heading off into the sunset….on another journey.
koru hand painted rocks
But it was SO great painting this rock first thing, not sure why its taken me 144 days to figure out its actually the best time to paint my rocks – hullo! Just like doing yoga, first thing in the morning, always sets the tone for the day. And this rock has certainly done that.
It’s like my guiding tohu (symbol) for my journey over the next few weeks, balance, male and female, connection…and commitment to bringing about change within and change in the world…and I’m going to Floating Land…where the theme is water…so helping water to flow again…
And driving through the Waioeka gorge today was so beautiful – the river was flowing, the trees were lush and green and the sunset was amazing. So I’m here for a night in Rotorua with my whānau, getting grounded and then on the road again tomorrow. The journey has begun! Officially!
Jo x
PS – This rock is very special to me. Todd brought it back for me from the Wanganui river last year and it has a really beautiful energy…Ngā mihi aroha ki a koe e taku tiiki! xx

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