I’m painting this rock today for Brazil and the Xingu indigenous people who are fighting to protect their indigenous lands from the Belo Monte damming project that has been approved by the Brazilian president. The Belo Monte dam project will be lethal and will cause widespread flooding to indigenous lands and rainforests. It will displace thousands of people and have huge effect on the natural eco-systems of the region – all in the name of progress.
koru hand painted rocks
My heart goes out to these people and I see this as nothing different to what we experience here in Aotearoa with the NZ Govt allowing foreign companies to come and drill in our oceans, or buy our land for financial gain – all in the name of progress.
Damming our waterways is like stopping the blood that flows through our veins. It puts pressure on other areas and eventually there is no way back to fix this problem.
This affects all of us, we are connected by water, no matter where we are in the world. Water is our health and wellbeing, not just for indigenous people’s but all people’s around the world. Please help to keep the water flowing and follow the link below to take action NOW
Or go and join the Facebook cause at Amazon Watch.
Jo x

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