Able to See Light

A different kōrero today to what I’ve been posting over the past few days! And perhaps I’ve spoken about this before, maybe, maybe not… there are so many days to go back through now!
Photography is all about light. Whenever I take a photo, I’m always looking for the light – how does it fall? In what spaces? What patterns does it make? What does it reflect and how will it make the photo feel?…
koru hand painted rocks
What kind of mood will it portray?
The ability to take a good photograph is being able to see light. I’m not sure if they teach this in school or at University, I’m self-taught but I do believe that photography is a generous 10% for technical and 90% is ability to see light, intuitive and being able to compose a photograph that speaks emotion and tells a story.
I’m not sure this can be taught and if it is, how it is taught, but perhaps if we all trusted our intuition and go with what we feel and know when taking a photograph, then maybe this will help us take better photographs.
People say to me, oh but you have a good camera and I say – I could probably take a good photo with a point and shoot camera too. In fact, there is no need to have a flash camera to take good photos, a lot of people are taking fabulous photos with their mobile phones these days and they have the capacity to produce high quality ones too! And I use my camera point and shoot anyway!
And no matter what people say – I say, break the rules! Push the boundaries of photography and try something different. And seriously, there is no need to get all technical unless you are really wanting to try some creative stuff but I use my camera on auto all the time! I don’t have time to be changing settings. I’m working on intuition and that is all in the moment.
Jo x

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