What Next?

It’s a great feeling to achieve something. To finish a project or an art work, to achieve a goal that you have had for a while – it is SO satisfying.
koru hand painted rocks
But do you ever feel once you have achieved something, a kind of emptiness or a what now feeling like huh, that’s over, what am I gonna do now?
It’s great to celebrate once you have achieved a goal – to take a step back and admire the work you have done. But it’s just as important to set the next goals and know where to from here. Because sometimes we can be unsure of what to do with ourselves once we have achieved something. It’s great to achieve a goal, but what happens next?
So it’s important to have goals on the go all the time! And when you do it enough, you get good at it and you’re always thinking ahead into the future, being prepared, but being forever in the present with it all – if that makes sense! Very important – staying present with it all!
Jo x
A burst of energy and colour today in this rock. My intention was to just brush the paint on in a relaxed kind of way…enjoy the weekend wherever you are in the world!

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