Completion = Control

Doesn’t it feel great to finish something? You know when you are doing something that needs to be done and you focus on it, you wanna throw it at the wall at times and then yay, it’s finished! Or even nearly finished is good too because you know you’re on the home straight – yus!
koru hand painted rock
Well guess what I’ve been completing today? TAX! Yes my tax and it feels bloody good to be in control of it all and getting it done! As an artist, it’s one of those things that kind of gets left to the last minute or gets put to the side for another day until another day never comes and then hullo, it’s all caught up with me and I’ve created an even huger (is this even a word?) task for myself!! So I’ve learnt my lesson and come up with a strategy to get my taxes done, to stay on top of it and be in control! And all this has come from not being in control by the way…
Its amazing what completion of things can do for your confidence and it’s all in the balance I reckon, giving time to it, staying on top of it and making it a habit.
Jo x

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