Four Seasons In One Day

I’m in one of those breathe in breathe out moods where my wick is a bit shorter than normal lol – you know when things just really annoy you and you find it hard to be tolerant…
I find that the underlying beliefs, past experiences and habits that make up who I am, dictate to me how I react to a situation. In a way, if I’m not aware of them, they control my life…
koru hand painted rock
So anyway, that’s the mood I’m in – probably in line with the elements! We got our first real dose of winter today – the whole works! First the sun in the morning, then the clouds, then the cold with the rain, oh and then thunder and lightning!!

Don’t you just love the four seasons in one day thing…totally in line with my changing moods today!!! And to top it all off, it’s a full moon tonight! So am embracing these changing moods right now and thank nature for being so in tune with me haha!
And today’s rock is in total contrast to what I just wrote about…but you know what, I feel so much better now that I’ve got that off my chest!
Jo x

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