Ants in Action

It’s a funny title for a post but have you sat and watched ants in action?
As I was painting this rock today, an ant walked by (literally!) carrying a piece of chocolate in it’s arms (or legs) I saw it carrying this massive thing that was twice its size and after a closer look I realised it was a piece of chocolate! God knows where the chocolate came from! 🙂
koru hand painted rock
I was really taken back by this ant’s determination – imagine carrying a piece of chocolate twice the size of you! Even better, imagine eating a block of chocolate, twice the size of you!
I’ve observed ants before and they are a pretty intelligent bunch. We get quite a few here so there’s plenty of opportunity to observe them and for such a small creature they have a pretty strong bite too!
One time I watched a whole army of ants go across some water, and you know what they did? They put leaves on the water and went across on them – I thought wow, now that is pretty clever! And they were all working together…which is the gist of my kōrero today.
I’ve seen heaps of things happening recently where people have rallied together and taken action on different kaupapa – all working together for a common cause. The re-building of communities after natural disasters, world wide calls to action to reduce poverty and hunger and locally, protests opposing the drilling for oil in our waters…
And then there were the ants…such tiny things with such a strong message.
Hei āpōpō – until tomorrow!
Jo x

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