It was a real challenge to paint this rock today. Layer upon layer upon layer and finally after the fourth layer – something that I felt happy with! It reminds me of my first big painting on canvas – my life mandala. There are at least 10 layers on that painting and I even stripped some of the paint off during one session! But painting that was like painting layers of my life, a process of letting go, working through, releasing…and this is what I felt today with this rock!
koru hand painted rock
It also reminds me of successfully bringing an idea to fruition – you keep trying and work hard until you get there! But often we try and then give up straight away because we don’t see immediate results. So we end up going from this idea to that idea and never really achieve anything!
If only we just persevered, we would have got there.

So this rock was a challenge but I have a real sense of satisfaction having worked through my frustration lol and having worked with the rock…there was a time where I wanted to just throw it into the ‘not satisfied pile’ and return to it at another time. But I don’t want to be adding to that pile anymore! And I know that whatever rock I paint is all meant to be!
Mission completed for the day! Hei āpōpō – until tomorrow.
Jo x
PS – and because I was painting this rock for what seemed like forever, I had to be creative with my lighting for the photo!

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