Peace & Calm

Am sending Papatūānuku peace and calm right now just after hearing of a severe aftershock in Christchurch, earthquake in North Queensland and tornadoes in the US…
I don’t know what to say other than it’s at times like this that you just want to send Papatuanuku and the world lots of aroha thoughts! Geez…hang in there Christchruch!
koru hand painted rock
And I know what a tornado feels like…I remember in Taranaki a few years ago, 2006 if I remember right, one swept through Rahotu. At the time you knew that things were not right, the wind speed got progressively worse, sideways rain and it felt like you were going to be swept away! Ross Bennett had come to rescue me because I had run out of petrol lol, not knowing that a tornado was brewing of course! And as quickly as it started, it stopped. If we had been a few metres another way I reckon we probably would have been right in it’s pathway!

So when it was all over, massive trees lay across the road and I couldn’t get home!
And then our massive earthquake in 2007 here in Gisborne – now that was not good! And I imagine that Christchurch’s earthquake would have been worse than that, but that was bad enough!!
So spreading some love and good vibes tonight to our planet and people around the world.
Jo x

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