Carpets and Tea

I’ve lost count how many times people have tried to sell carpets to us – yes, these carpets are amazing, so many different kinds… but we soon realised that a lot of friendliness in the street and invites in for apple tea were all opportunities to try and sell us carpet!
koru hand painted rocks
We even had two young men, come with us on a complete tour of the blue mosque to lure us to their family carpet shop! Now I know that these people are in business but they will do well to learn a few lessons about how to market and sell their carpets. And I don’t think that having scouts out on the street to lure people in is an ethical way to work!
On the other hand, those who aren’t pushy and who standback and allow you to make your own decisions about what you want to buy, these are the ones you want to buy from. You even want to spend a bit of time in their shop and look around because you know that you don’t have someone over your shoulder telling you what to buy.
We stopped today in the Grand Bazaar and Matua Huirangi had a sit down and cup of tea with a group of men who were fascinated with him. There was no selling involved and this was wonderful because it was an enjoyable experience, a human connection and one that did not end in – carpet! It is all about connection, not selling the carpet!
And so in our connections and relationships we would do well to learn from this experience, that connection is what is important – make the connection and everything else will follow – I know this – I see this happening in my life over and over again! In fact there is no need to sell, just be who you are, connect and share…yes…
Jo x
PS – chanting just beginning outside. I like it when that happens. It’s like a nice finish to my rock post. A special karakia to send the kohatu out into the universe.

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