Beneath the Surface

I’m amazed at all the wonderful comments that I get with the rocks each day and how profound they are! I was reminded of this today…sometimes I think my words and my paintings are quite subtle and not obvious as to what their meaning is and then next minute someone crops up with this meaningful kĊrero that just stops me in my tracks – literally!
koru hand painted rock
Many of the comments resonate so much with me and I am even more amazed at how people who do not know each other and in some cases are on opposite sides of the planet, can see different things in the rocks and yet it all means something and works together nicely. There is something in that…
And not to forget all the lovely korero that comes via private messages that is equally important and meaningful.
So thank-you to everyone for adding your own flavour and insight, I have a lot of fun going back and reading it all and appreciate every word.
Jo x

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