Too Much Mind

I’ve been asked recently, “where do you find your inspiration to write and create everyday?”
koru hand painted rock
Well, I don’t think about it and just do! When painting these rocks, I don’t think about what I’m going to paint at all and just allow the brush to paint. I also randomly gather up a few colours from my paint box and use whatever I have chosen. At times I’ve used colours that you wouldn’t think work together, but after painting the rock, they’ve worked together nicely!!
And writing is the same. If I’m thinking too much about what I’m going to write, then the words don’t flow so easily and I end up stopping and starting, writing and deleting and I know then that this is not going to be a good post. So I stop, and I wait for a time where the words do flow out and I totally trust the process…
And of course I am inspired by nature…the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars, the mountain and sea and everything in between…
And the rocks – the rocks have a story of their own…
Jo x

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