When I went outside today to hang the washing out, the ground was still wet from recent rain and my first thought was to put my jandals on so my feet wouldn’t get wet. But then I thought nah, I’m gonna go in there and squish my feet around in the water and feel the earth in between my toes…and so I did!
koru hand painted rock
It was the best feeling ever! It was like my feet were having a drink and being cleansed…and SO grounding!

So the rain has appeared again. Thunder and lightening came out of no-where tonight (and gave me a fright – it was SO loud!)…but I’m getting used to all this changing extreme weather, its become a part of my daily life, just like the painting of rocks! And it was a warm 23 degrees today so it was a four season in one day day! All part of the ever changing creative landscape, just as I’m creating – so is the universe!
Or am I creating the universe?
Jo 🙂

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