Today I had more insight into how the Turkish people operate and have come to the conclusion that they are very industrious! They are not people that sit on their butts all day – they are definitely doers.
koru hand painted rocks
On every corner you will see someone selling something – grilled corn on the cob (which I’m yet to try), bread (you can get full on one of these!) and of course bottled water – in every space someone selling water.
And people of all ages! I saw a young boy selling lotto tickets, it looks like they start training them young… older women selling lavender pouches and men selling carpet, we had carpet sold to us twice today!
And I realized that there is a whole system involved in the selling of carpets too. And for many it is a family business.
And probably one of the most industrious projects of all that I experienced was the blue mosque, seven years of effort but oh my, such beauty. I could only marvel at the size of this wonderful creation.
So we can learn from these people about being in business perhaps or having the courage and focus to achieve what it is you want to achieve. And I must say that not everyone has been friendly and not every experience has been great, but there have been lessons to learn every day and this has been one of many.
Jo x
It’s still my birthday in NZ and after 3pm today I will be having my birthday in Turkey! Such a LONG birthday! And I will be painting my birthday rock today while at the conference…I wonder what inspiration for this rock will come today…

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