My art is not defined by another person. It is personal, intuitive and has many layers.

I believe we all have the ability to create art. Art is not just a painting on the wall or a sculpture or a design; art can be a song, a dance, a few words, any kind of expression of a person and who they are.
koru hand painted rocks
Art can make people smile, it can make people cry. It can make people angry. For me, art connects, it is emotional and changes something inside me. Art is about change. It is my hope that my art changes something inside another person. That is my intention.
Art should not be confined to within walls. Art should be everywhere, in every space…

Nature is a work of art, the most beautiful of all. When I look at a sunflower, a kina or a caterpillar, I see art. I am moved by that. When I look at people I see art. When I see something, I see it as a photograph, as light, as a work of art.
Imagine what the world would be like if we all realised the artist within? What would we see?
Jo x

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