The Space In Between

I love this rock I’ve painted today. It’s one of my favorite rocks so far. It was very soothing to paint.
The weather is changing. It’s been raining for most of the day and I’ve been in a different space. An in between space where I’m neither her nor there, just in between. It’s kind of an odd feeling…a transitional space perhaps, reflective, just being…and there is probably some tired in there too! I woke this morning with a million and one ideas floating around in my mind which is great but now I’m tired!
koru hand painted rock
I feel the need to declutter again and let go of a few external and internal things and perhaps then I will see a clearer pathway and will venture out into another space. But for now, am embracing this space in between…
Jo x
PS – I took this photo on my laptop. I quite liked the idea of having the rock and the paint and the metallic surface coming together. The dark grey colour in the middle is the natural colour of the rock, the other greyish colour is called delta grey and the creamy colour is called manuka honey.


  1. Kiaora Kari,

    Thanks for stopping by. I know exactly what you mean with so many ideas but not being able to get to them all. I love your baskets too, they are absolutely beautiful!! Jo x

  2. I’m going to hold onto the clarity of your small rock as I try to channel my million and one thoughts. After months of doldrums, ideas are popping up and trying to get me to pay attention. I couldn’t be more pleased to welcome them, but wish they’d be patient so I could pay attention to each of them in turn …

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