I love Autumn. It’s in between summer and winter, not too hot, not too cold and the colours of autumn are so vibrant and exciting! Its still warm at the moment but you can feel a hint of coolness in the air…
I walked out to the garden today and was happy to see the monarch butterflies floating by. We didn’t see them for a while and our swan plants were empty for a couple of months! The kamokamo have finally come away for real after teasing us for a while last year and the beetroot are massive! We had forgotten we even planted them in the garden because they were buried under everything else!!
koru hand painted rocks
I wonder about the seasons though. Things are definitely changing, summer seems to extend out a bit further and I’m not sure why, but this year things have grown a lot slower. But – the weeds still manage to survive! Although, I like a garden full of dandelions! The leaves are yummy in salads and Teia and I Iove making oil with the flowers…but not as many dandelions this year either…the lawn should be covered by now for Teia and I to roll around in and take photos haha!
Or was I away from home so much over the past few months that I missed all the growth??
So I’m embracing this time of year, change of season, change of energy and looking forward to the coming months which will be full of creativity (of course!), overseas travel and sharing some of my learnings with others…
Ma te wa – until then,
Jo x

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