A Part of the Whole

I wonder sometimes after I’ve painted a rock – now where did that painting come from? There is nothing particularly exciting about what I have painted today, in fact it looks like a whole lot of painted shapes slapped onto the rock lol But I’m ok with that…now… at the beginning of the year it would have been a different story! And it’s just as much about the process…
koru hand painted rocks
But then when I place it somewhere to take a photograph, everything comes together nicely and my trust in the process has never been let down by a painted rock, a photograph and a story that somehow work together – everytime.
So gathered in this photo are many things including te Rā who has cast his warmth over the whole scene to create shadows and shapes that fall all over the place.
And what seemed to be a randomly painted kohatu was not so random after all and has found it’s place in the greater scheme of things…
Sometimes we can feel like this – we feel insignificant in the world – what I do as one person, how could that possibly make a difference? How can what I do make a difference?

But if we see ourselves as being a part of the whole, then what we do in our lives is SO important. We are the most important person in the world, because we have an effect on everything.
And if this is true, if I have the ability to change the world, then perhaps I should start with me.
Jo x

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