I Remember

I started writing today about all the things I remember as a child…
I remember as a little girl, my mother tying my hair in a plait. Sometimes she would brush it and then curl it into little ringlets…
koru hand painted rocks
I remember when I was four years old, walking hand in hand across the road with my big sister to kindy.
I remember when I was three years old, my brother came to stay and he and his wife had their new baby boy who was only very tiny. I was in awe at the sight of him.
I remember on my seventh birthday – my sister gave me a big doll, she was actually bigger than me! I forgot her name, she had a name but I forgot it. I remember what she looked like though.
I remember on my fifth birthday – I had a big birthday and all my friends came. I had a cake that was a doll, a ballerina cake and she had a beautiful blue dress on.
I also remember my fifth birthday at kindy. I had a big sign around my neck that said five! I thought I was very cool!
I remember driving in the car with my Mum and Aunty Leah. I had my favourite brown and yellow jersey on. Aunty Leah was driving, Mum was in the passenger seat and I was sitting in the back leaning over to the front. We didn’t wear seat belts in those days – well I don’t remember wearing one or even having a seat as a child! I was on top of the world that day. I must have been about five or six or seven then too I reckon.
I remember our garden – it was full of cabbage and other vegetables! But I remember the cabbage! Dad was a great gardener and so was Mum… Mum loved flowers, she loved to plant flowers and Dad’s thing was veges. We always had chow mein for kai!
I remember wagging school one day in primary school. It was so dumb I never did it again.
I remember when I was six, I had to get up in front of the class and talk about my trip to Fiji. I balled my eyes out and couldn’t bring myself to talk in front of the class.
I remember getting told off for playing the piano in primary school. I remember getting told off by my music teacher for yawning and got sent out of the class.
I remember us kids dancing on the front lawn, playing up the road at the park, it was so easy to keep ourselves occupied. I don’t remember watching TV much as a kid.
I remember going to stay at my friends place when I was little. I loved stayovers and eating at the table as a family. We used to have yummy kai and do some cool things. I would get homesick now and then though… I missed the familiarity of home sometimes.
The things I remember as a child – just like they happened yesterday. And these memories are a very very very tiny part of my memories… What do you remember?
Jo x

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