90 days

I’m coming to the end of my fourth decade – so do the calculation if you want! Well actually I’m a couple more years away but I feel like my life is just beginning… I really do!
koru hand painted rocks
I’ve been through so many healing journeys over the past years, in fact my whole life has been one healing journey. But I really do feel like life is just beginning and it’s exciting!
And at the same time I feel there is more healing to do… so these last 90 days of the year are a conscious effort to heal a part of me each day, to really look at myself and know myself from the inside out.

I remember a meditation teacher saying to me 10 years ago, “You’re a sucker for punishment!” because I kept coming back – course after course after course and those who know Vipassana meditation will know that it is not easy! But I experienced a lot of healing in that time and always knew that healing for me would be lifelong.
So here I am! 90 more days of the year to go, more healing to do, more letting go, more releasing of what no longer serves me or anyone else, and inviting the new…and I feel like these 90 days are the most important 90 days of my life.
Jo x

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