He Taonga Tuku Iho

I love it when I talk to our old people – they are just a big kete of knowledge.

We visited a lovely koroua today to capture some wonderful kōrero about a traditional Māori way of fishing. It was so beautiful to watch.
koru hand painted rocks
These gifts handed down from our ancestors – these are real taonga – special treasures that need to be shared so that they can live on into the future.
But I can understand the concern of our old people, that these taonga can get lost, not because we don’t share them although this can happen too, but because there is fear that people will want to exploit our culture to make money – fear that they will lose again – what it is to be Māori.
So we were so lucky to be sharing with this koroua something that has been handed down to him and which he is now sharing with his mokopuna. And what wonderful mokopuna he has – all great fishermen, farmers and musicians! An interesting mix!
So honoring our elders today as I have done throughout the year – our wise historians, scientists, teachers, philosophers, parents, grandparents – many whose fame and successes in life have been living life, living with the environment and understanding her movements and ways.
One brush stroke is all that was needed for this kōrero today. Actually it was all I could manage. I was so drained from being at the beach all day but well worth the time – kua kī i te kōrero ataahua – very tired now – currently in Taradale and am posting this rock from Wed – yesterday.
Jo x

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