Heart no. 2

Now and then, I ask myself, how do I do this? It’s nearly Sept and somedays I feel I don’t have anything to say and I’m doing stuff and then time to paint the rock…it’s part of my day now but when I look back over just the past week, I still can’t believe it sometimes! Anyway…had that little burst of expression!
koru hand painted rocks
So another heart day today. Thoughts of friends and whānau who are celebrating their birthdays and thoughts of friends and whānau who are mourning the loss of a loved one and celebrating their lives at the same time.
Life. Challenging at times, so happy at other times. The ups and downs, happiness and sadness. Life. If we learn to ride that wave and accept what is…easily said than done.
So I painted another heart today – heart no. 2. A pink and gold one to remember loved ones in birth and in death and I paint this heart for love because I believe love has the power to change everything…What if we all had hearts full of love and spread that love around?
Jo x

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