What If

koru hand painted rocksSunday 5th June – today is the last day of Floating Land and the conversations about water are coming to an end although I feel they have just begun. One of the things I remember in amongst all the korero was not an answer but a question…What If?

And so it has prompted me to ask my own questions… What if I had a voice? What if my story was heard? What if we all valued our natural environment and people? What if we all loved one another and cared for one another? What If?
So if these are my questions then perhaps the journey I am on will reveal the answers to me…
I painted two rocks today – as people shared conversations, I painted… I didn’t get to paint all the conversations but that’s ok… there will be more to come…
And one final question… What If we were all living our lives on purpose and knew who we were, what could be achieved?
Jo x

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