This Land is Alive

koru hand painted rocksThis place is so alive. Floating Land is over and I’ve said goodbye to my sacred
space beside Lake Cootharaba and am now at Ross and Tamzyn’s sacred space just out of Cooroy. The first thing I noticed is how alive this bush is.

Spiders SO big and my fear of being in that very space that is so much a part of me. This aliveness, this health and wellbeing, this connection to nature, it has made me realise that there is still an even stronger urge to connect to nature, to find myself even deeper into the parts of me that still need healing in order for me tohelp others in their own journeys.
Nature is so beautiful and perfect and yet I fear this at times – a challenging space to be in right now but amazing and exciting at the same time. Another internal journey and reflections of nature revealing to me, the essence of who I am. I’m meant to be here.
Jo x
It was lovely to meet Gaylin today and we both realised that we were brought together to do some healing work together with kohatu. I’m looking forward to this!

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