Wānanga – A Perspective

In Wanganui at the moment with Todd for his final te reo o Wanganui wananga…
koru hand painted rock
I love wānanga for many reasons:
They bring people together to share kōrero and stories about many different things.
People leave with a full kete – with new ideas and perspectives, often challenged.
Overwhelming at times, they can take you to depths and places that you would never have been to before
Having been at many wānanga and reo wananga there is so much sharing of knowledge and so much to take in. I sleep for a while after but I’m also re-energised. It is often hard to comprehend on just a physical level as you are engaged on all levels – mentally, emotional and spiritually…
And a reo wānanga is special because our language is beautiful and conceptual and there is a whole different world seen through our Māori language.
I imagine the wananga of old were amazing experiences, enlightening…
Our current ways of learning in schools are restricting, whereas these old schools of learning, these wānanga allow for possibilities and potential. I reckon all learning should be done wānanga styles!
Jo x


  1. Kiaora Catherine, thank-you for your comment – it definitely is about connection and all those wonderful things you spoke about. Yes oh the beauty, joy and love! Arohanui, Jo 🙂

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. Bring back connection with nature withe the elements, spirit, with dance, with music, with ceremony, with people` the genuine care, love and compassion for each other. Oh the beauty, the joy, the love

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