Flying with the Moon

I flew from Gisborne to Auckland, Auckland to Wanganui today. The trip to Wanganui was at night and it was the first time that I’ve flown with a full moon. I’ve heard that the second full moon is the Māori moon, and this is the moon that was shining tonight.
koru hand painted rock
I looked out the window as we took off and saw the bright light and even though I was not on the side that the moon was on, it was bright enough to see…
And when we flew past Taranaki heading toward Wanganui – I knew that the maunga was there even though I couldn’t see it! The lights were lit up in New Plymouth and then there was this big void in the landscape and I knew that Taranaki maunga was there.

A wonderful experience that sent me on my way and reminded me of all the kaitiaki (guardians) that are around us that come in many forms.
Jo x

Ngā mihi aroha ki a koe e tōku tiiki i tēnei tō rā nui. A te wā ka kite atu i a koe… Arohanui, nāku xx

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