Trusting the Process

I never know how these rocks are going to turn out until I’ve finished painting them, and they are never finished until I feel they are. Sometimes, they don’t come out like I thought they would, in fact I’ve been surprised quite a few times! There are some that resonate with me more than others, but ultimately, most of them are not for me or about me…
koru hand painted rocks
When I choose the colours, I choose without thinking. Often I’ll look at the colours and think hmm…these colours SO don’t go together but when they are on the rock, everything works and the colours are right for the stories that are shared through the words and the rocks themselves…and the photographs – they too tell their stories…
I still have that perfectionist inside of me, wanting to make every line right, to paint a perfect circle, the perfect circle of all circles lol but I’ve learnt that if I trust the process, each rock, painting and story appear in their own perfect time.
I’m on the road home to Taranaki āpōpō, looking forward to that, always a spiritual journey for me…
Jo x

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