I’ve never really been one to celebrate Easter. When I was going to a Catholic school, we celebrated this time of year because its what you did at a Catholic school so it became a part of our lives. I vaguely remember having easter eggs when we were young, but I don’t remember any big celebration…
Like Christmas, I think Easter has lost it’s real meaning and has become another opportunity for commercialism and the promotion of products that actually don’t reflect what easter is about at all. Easter bunnies and easter eggs?
koru hand painted rocks

I’m not saying that Easter or Christmas is wrong or shouldn’t be celebrated, I just think that whatever our faith or beliefs, we need to remember what we are actually celebrating. What is Easter really about? You ask most kids these days and they’ll tell you its all about the chocolate!
For me it’s a time to celebrate life and for new beginnings…
Am sending heaps of aroha to Tam and Taare who got married today! Ngā mihi aroha ki a kōrua i tō kōrua rangi whakahirahira! Am celebrating your hononga today which has been a long time coming ne? Yay!!
Jo x

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