Tiakina a Papatuanuku

I woke up this morning thinking about problem solving (yes) and it was all a bit mind boggling for me but I realised that we have some major things happening in the world right now. And I haven’t watched the news for months, but I just had to turn on the TV to see how all our whanau and friends are doing over in Queensland.
Mother Nature is pretty ruthness ne? We’ve had so many natural disasters in the world lately and right here in Aotearoa too! I don’t think people understand how important it is to look after our planet. The earth is doing her thing, responding to the lack of respect and lack of care toward her, while she has given so freely to human life…why won’t we listen?
Why won’t we listen?
Why do we not respect our planet who without the trees and water we would not survive? Where do people think they get their air from? Where do people think they get their water from? Is this not enough to at least say, thank-you, I will treat you with equal or greater respect by honouring you and giving life back?
We all have to own things that are happening in the world and take responsibility. Responsibility starts with ourselves, with small actions in our own homes…
koru hand painted rock
So a lot of healing from this rock today and it’s my oldest sister’s wedding anniversary – 25 years if I remember right! That is a milestone! So I’ve painted this rock for her and my brother inlaw. I’m sure she’ll be delighted to have another kohatu in her home. Day 12 tomorrow…bring it on!
Ma te wa – until then,
Jo 🙂

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