Get Outside That Box

I think I’ve still got some remnants from Day 9’s painting because this rock is redder than that one! Not quite sure where this one came from although I have been thinking about being “outside the box” today.
I’ve always been one to think outside the box. I remember as a child, I was a loner at times and would often play in the bush alone. When someone said left, I would go right, just to see what was there. It got me into trouble a few times! But somehow, someone would manage to put me back in that box…so I’m slowly climbing out again!
I think we should create because we love to create not because we are trying to please someone else. If only we were better in the eyes of others, we might have been more successful?
hand painted rock
So red and yellow! And some purple in there too and a bit of ‘buffalo’ brown underneath that you can’t see. I love using red and yellow together. I remember they were my favourite combination of colours when I was younger…and then I went to art school and learnt about putting colours in a colour wheel! Hei aha te colour wheel I say – paint how you want to paint, use all sorts of colours together even if they don’t match!

I remember someone saying to me, ‘you should never take photos shooting into the sun’ I laugh at that. Some of my most awesome-ist photos are taken shooting directly into sunlight…
A bit of a rebellious post today but all this rock painting has got me going haha…
Day 10 over and out!
Hei apopo – until tomorrow,
Jo 🙂
PS – notice the photo is upside down? Now wouldn’t that be boring if it was the right way up! And those black rocks you see in the background are from the Wanganui river…beautiful kohatu that go all shiny when you rub them and that have a lovely energy…

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