The Singing Rock

I’m in Auckland for the night performing live with composer and sound artist Leah Barclay as part of the ACMC sonic art concert being held at the Auckland University music school – gosh that was a mouthful!!
koru hand painted rocks
So we’ve had our rehearsal and I thought I would paint my rock and post before we head off to the concert!
And this rock is going to be singing for us tonight, Leah has composed a piece called ‘Dhakan’ and there is a part in the piece that was created as a result of a collaboration with Leah in Taranaki at the beginning of the year. So rocks and water and bowls and musical instruments and sounds of nature and voices and waiata of both Aotearoa and Australia will be playing together accompanied by a beautiful piece composed by Leah…a piece that has been composed using the sounds of nature…
So I’m grateful to have this opportunity to experience and learn about sound as an art form…
I’ll let you know later how the performance goes, but I’m sure everything will come together nicely and the rock is going to sing beautifully tonight!
Ma te wā,
Jo x
You can visit Leah’s website here: or you can find her on Face Book.

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