Living Out of a Suitcase

I was up early this morning to catch the bus to the airport and as I waited, I saw a woman sleeping, tucked into the corner of the bus stop. It was raining a little and I thought, oh I hope she hasn’t missed her bus, maybe she needs to be woken up?
koru hand painted rocks
She had a big suitcase, a pile of clothes placed neatly on top and a few bits and pieces hanging off the bag.
I looked across the road and I saw a man pulling a suitcase behind him and I knew he wasn’t going to the airport and then I realised, she was homeless and she wasn’t going to the airport either although given half the chance she would probably be up in a flash.
I felt sad and angry at the same time and just wanted to wrap these two up in a blanket of aroha and take them home with me… I also felt very grateful for my life, the roof over my head and the fact that I was going home…
Jo x

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