The Power of Now

Flying on a plane in the realms of Ranginui today, the bumps and noise and then moments of smooth – I’ve learnt to ride with it although not pleasant at times, but it does not last forever.
koru hand painted rocks
The Power of Now – this moment is all there is. If I try and will the bumps and turbulence away, it makes it even worse and it feels like forever before it stops and then the smooth times, enjoying those moments wishing all plane rides would be like this and yet I have only ever had a handful of plane rides where there was little turbulence at all!

So even though I know turbulence is a part of plane rides why do I try and will it away or wish I wasn’t in the plane at that moment?
So a plane ride is very much like life – it has it’s ups and downs, turbulence and calm – if we just learn to ride with it, to go with it, to fly and appreciate each moment because NOW is all there is.
And if we appreciate life as it is in each moment, we learn to see in ways we have never seen before, we accept what is which allows us to flow with life and life is like an unfolding – growing, changing, learning…
Jo x

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