Made Of Stars

I’ve always loved the stars. As a kid we lived in a village away from bright lights and tall buildings (not that the buildings in Rotorua were tall lol) so the stars we could see from our house were amazing. A blanket of magic…
koru hand painted rocks
I had a wonderful day today (ahakoa te wā pouri) with a group of people from such diverse backgrounds – geologists, biologists, physicists, artists, philosophers, ecologists… who all shared their perspective on the evolution of the earth, time, energy – from the beginning of time as we know it to the present day.
I was totally fascinated and curious of course, asking all sorts of questions and feeling like I was in heaven with a couple of geologists in the crowd (rock knowledge rock knowledge haha!) and picking their brains to buggery!
But it was so exciting to see the connections of science to mātauranga Māori and that somewhere in amongst all this terminology that I can’t pronounce, there is a wealth of knowledge, history and stories that have become so meaningful in many wonderful ways.
I really was a kid in a lolly shop lol – wanting to get as much as I could as well as share a perspective that perhaps at times gets discounted and put to the side…
And I was so happy to hear that all things on this earth including us as human beings contain matter of the stars so we are in essence of another planet, star, space, place in time.
We really are made of stars! I love that! I’m already a star haha!
Sending a big happy birthday to Phoebe who turns the big ONE today. May your life be filled with love and wonder – yes it is all about you – you are the future and I am so happy to be celebrating your life today.
Jo x

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