Te Ua

When I picked up this rock from outside it was full of water. It had been raining and the rock had absorbed a lot of the rain so my first thought was to dry the rock to paint on…but instead I left it wet and painted it! koru hand painted rock
It reminded me of how precious water is and the need to preserve it. I thought to myself, how cool that this rock can hold so much water and wouldn’t it be even more cool if every house in town had a water tank to catch the rain? It just makes sense doesn’t it? We put pipes in the land to drain the water but when it comes time to needing it, we have none! So appreciating the rain today, so refreshing and cleansing…and there’s something in that rock being able to hold water both physically and conceptually…hmm…
Today is March 9th and according to the Mayan calendar it is the beginning of the Unity Wave of Consciousness which will carry on for the next 18 days. It is also the last wave of the Nine Waves of Consciousness. I talk about this because this rock was painted for Drew and his wife whose 20th wedding anniversary it is today. Yay!!! When he called me to ask if I could paint them a rock, he mentioned this date as also a significant date in the Mayan calendar. Check out more info here unity wave
Much aroha to you both, hope you’ve had a fabulous day!
Jo x

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