Planting the Seed

I had my first class today teaching art students about the business of being an artist. It was a great day! It’s not something that many artists or aspiring artists would want to be learning or would even think about learning and so being as practical and as creative as possible in the delivery was essential! At the end of the day, I realised how passionate I am about sharing what I have learnt with others and how much I want to give!
koru hand painted rocks
I think when you get older you start to think about how you can contribute to other people’s lives. That’s where I’m at, although I feel like I’ve been in this place for a while now! But your focus changes from being all about self to wanting to give to others. And at some stage you do have to pass on what you have learnt in the hope that this will inspire others to take what you’ve taught them, use it, turn it into something even better and then pass it on…
And I am also learning…Everyday I get to share with others is another day of learning…and I’m so grateful for that.
This rock is for Nikki’s Mum who turns 60 today – it’s so nice being able to paint a rock and then send it off to someone for them to enjoy!
Jo x
A few of my photos lately have been all about light; well all my photography is about capturing the light in a certain way, capturing a mood or feeling but there has been some quite special natural light around lately…loving this photo, its soft but its hard, it has reflection and mood and I like the natural colours that appeared as a result of the way in which the light fell on the light box.

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