One of the most stunning things I remember about living in Taranaki are the amazing sunsets. In summer, the sky would glow a rich red-orange-pink that lit up the sky and the earth.
koru hand painted rocks
I spent many summer evenings following a sunset and capturing the magic before the sun went down and I soon realised that the time between that beautiful glow and the sun disappearing beyond the horizon, was a very short window.
It was a short window of opportunity and if I was not with camera in hand, I would miss it! But if I was prepared for the opportunity, I would catch the perfect moment, every time…
It reminds me of those opportunities that present themselves everyday, those opportunities that are there in a moment and gone again, forever.
So next time you see a sunset, (by the way, you have to be in Taranaki to see the bestest sunset in the world!) remember that window of opportunity, cease the moment, take action and capture it!
Jo x

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