Celebrate Difference

We went to Pecha Kucha tonight and I left there feeling so full and inspired!
koru hand painted rock
There were so many different stories – funny, sad, informative, inspiring kōrero and I just couldn’t help but think, how wonderful it is that we can share our stories in an open environment where there is no expectation about what we should talk about and people are open to receiving whatever.
We may not even agree with what has been shared but we acknowledge the person and what they have shared.
Everybody has a story and when we hear another perspective, another story that moves us, that says something to us, that makes us cry or laugh, our view of the world changes, and we are that much more closer to creating a world that embraces difference and change.

So thank-you to all the wonderful speakers and Leanne who was nervous before she started but performed beautifully her own poems in front of the big screen and Trish whose special healing journey made me cry big tears and I realised even more after her kōrero, the power of art to heal. And for all the laughs – thank-you for all the laughs!
And to end the night, a lovely dinner with friends Jo and Neil. Thank-you all!
It’s so important to celebrate difference, to embrace the colourful and ever changing society we live in.
Jo x
PS – Chamie and Vonny – I know you have been waiting patiently hehe – so here it is! : )

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