I’m watching the night sky tonight, not because everyone is saying that there is going to be an extra big moon in the sky but because I always like to see the moon when its full. I feel the moon when it’s full…does anyone else feel that? You just know when it is in the sky, this massive circle…even when it is not visible, you know that it is there…
koru hand painted rock
One of the first stories I heard about the moon was in my bilingual class at intermediate. It was about Rona and how one night when the moon was full she went out into the darkness to fetch some water for her husband in a taha (calabash). She would fill her taha and each time she did the moon would hide which meant she couldn’t see where she was going. She would trip and the water would come pouring out so she would have to fill it again. She did this again and again until she got so irate with the moon that she cursed the moon…pōkokohua!

The moon was angry with her so he pulled her from the earth and carried her into the sky where she still resides today with the moon…Some people say that she can still be seen holding on to a ngaio tree which she held on to in an attempt to not be taken away…
We all have our stories about the moon. I know one thing for sure is that my ancestors were guided by the moon in their everyday life. They knew when the right time was to plant and they often made reference to the cycles of the moon…I am also affected by the moon…
I hope everyone is having a massive time at WOMAD this weekend – the biggest celebration of music, art and dance happening in Taranaki!!
Jo x

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