There was a memorial today for the recent Otautahi (Chch) earthquake and I’m so grateful that there was live coverage where we could all tune in. It was a HUGE turnout to remember those who had lost their lives and to support those who mourn their loss. The rescue workers were honoured for their work to save lives and to recover those who had perished. It was also a time for the community to band together as one to remember what had happened and to celebrate the human spirit that has been evident over the past few weeks.
koru hand painted rock
I don’t think I could ever know what it has been like for those in Otautahi although watching the TV coverage was hopeful and made you feel proud to be part of the wider Aotearoa community. The service honoured all cultures as the loss and devastation was felt in many parts of the world.
The koroua who opened the service articulated words of kotahitanga and at times funny, he gave a great analogy of us all being as one. And despite the religious overtones of the whole thing, it was easy to just put that aside and appreciate being alive…
There was a host of stunning waiata; Dave Dobbyn may have gotten older but he still sings his waiata like I remember it many years ago. And the Prince of Wales blessed us with his presence and a message from the Queen. Again, not too fussed about the waiata “God save our gracious Queen” but when Prince William stood and spoke on behalf of the royal family, he reminded me of his mother who was a great humanitarian and who would have been right there in the thick of things…
So again sending love and peace around the world today, to Otautahi and to Japan.

And to all those who will be celebrating at WOMAD over the weekend at home in Taranaki – enjoy!!!
Jo x
PS – I felt like painting three rocks today…

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