On Demand – Not Always

Well today I thought I could just come to my blog and start writing my kōrero for the day but oh no – hullo – 8.30pm, no kōrero, 9.30pm, no kōrero and then 10pm is looming and here I am.

So I thought bugger it, I will tell you about my lack of inspiration right now and my taking it all for granted that I could just come here to my computer and all the words would just come spilling out! Not!
koru hand painted rocks
Day 318 and I’ve hit another writer’s block. There was one day early on in the piece when I had no words – and that is pretty much what I said – I have no words.
So anyway, as you can tell I’m just letting it all come out and talking like I’m having a conversation with you and I just wanted to say if you ever get writer’s block or creative blocks like I’m having right now, just keep writing whatever comes to mind, or just create anything. Have no expectations of outcomes and just do.
This is what I do with my rocks and my kōrero and I must have been trying to push the kōrero out tonight because it just wasn’t coming!
I must say, I do love this kohatu and perhaps no words are necessary, but some days are like this and you just have to go with whatever is in front of you. Right, I feel like I’ve had a big blah out onto this page and am now ready to write again – yes!
Jo x

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