Circling Orange

Looking back over the past 316 days I’ve come full circle and gone back to painting koru and circles again. It feels kinda nice actually, back to balance, restoring the passion and motivation that kick started me in the first place.
koru hand painted rocks
When I stop for reflection times like this – each rock a reflection of me, the day’s offerings, emotions, my kōrero and other’s kōrero too…triggers that remind us of something, reminisce, be inspired…
It really does feel like I’ve run a marathon and coming to the end of that marathon, it feels like when you’re at the end of something and you just want it to be over but in the same breath you wanna make it a good sprint to the finish line and give it all you’ve got – and – have time to be thinking about what’s gonna happen next year too!
Wherever I’m going with this kōrero – circles are where it’s at, there is nothing straight forward or linear in life! Things happen in all sorts of ways, unexpectedly, and expected at times but whatever way they happen, there is always the circle to bring us back to where we started, back to balance, arrived at the end which is also the beginning of another page, another time in life’s wonderful web.
Jo x

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