On Being Alone

I have memories of going into the bush to play alone as a child. I would build my home there and felt quite at home… I loved being alone.
koru hand painted rocks
As a teenager, I never liked being alone and I always felt the need to be with others.
Later on, I relearned the joy and importance of being in solitude to reflect, to go within and be with oneself… such a hard thing to do at times. I spent four years living alone in the bush with minimal power, very cold at times, and lonely, but it was an important time in my life, very healing for me…

And now, I’ve realised the joy of both solitude and being with others although I do find solitude challenging at times still. And then sometimes I just want to be alone. So perhaps this wave of to-ing and fro-ing of solitude and social-ness will continue as it is. Everything in balance.
Jo x

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