Notes To Self

Today I stumbled on lessons – more lessons and answers to questions…
koru hand painted rocks
And then I found myself listening to more questions and words like imitation – imitating others, superficial, conforming, constraints, limitation inhibiting freedom to be self…
So my notes to myself today again ask: who am I? What are the borders I am placing around myself, within myself that are limiting my freedom and my ability to be me?

What am I comparing myself to?
Know thyself…these words have been strong for me over the past 20 years. And I heard them again, a gentle reminder.
Today some words of wisdom were put in front of me, I do not even know how it happened but I know it was meant for me. I’m not one to quote the words of others, but these words are important for me right now, they reached to my core and again, intention in action, intention to heal was revealed. And I was also reminded, that my healing is also healing for others.
The enemy is not the other, the enemy is you.
Krishnamurti 1895 – 1986
Jo x
PS – Moe mai rā e te Matua Paora Reeves, moe mai rā…

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