1001 Cranes For Japan

I’m sending a message today from my dear friend Ilka who is collecting 1001 Cranes for Japan.

In her blog post on April 16th, she talks about creating paper cranes and sending them as a gesture of peace, prayer and heartfelt love for the people of Japan.
koru hand painted rocks
I believe in collective consciousness to bring about change in the world, and I believe that one voice can make a difference, so many voices, many actions of conscious intent can make a BIG difference.
Ilka shares a story…”I heard recently that the Japanese have a collective memory of the horror that Nuclear radiation causes from the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Then I remembered the story I heard when I was a little girl about a Japanese girl who set to folding 1001 cranes in the ancient Japanese tradition of senbazuru. The story goes that the girl, Sadako Sasaki, developed leukemia years after the atomic bomb exploded about a mile from her home. During her illness, she made paper cranes, hoping to make a wish for her restored health. She died in 1955 at age 12, before she could finish, but has since become an international symbol of peace. Senbazuru is the art of folding one thousand origami cranes. As the legend goes, you will be granted one wish by a mystical crane.”
So I share Ilka’s story of a story with you… a story of intent and hope that we can give thought to those who may have gone out of our minds for a short while, to bring them back into our consciousness and send them love.
Ilka will be collecting cranes to be sent until the end of August. Her address to send cranes to is: Ilka Blue, PO Box 2150, Ocean Shores, NSW 2483, AUSTRALIA
If you follow this link to her website http://bit.ly/qaTIHD you will also be able to find out how to make the paper cranes. And feel free to leave her a message, I’m sure she will love to hear from you.
And thank-you.
Jo x

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