How Do You See?

Do you see white or do you see blue? Do you see grey or do you see brown?
Isn’t it funny when we see something, we only see what we want to see? And in choosing what we want to see, we miss out on what is in front of us, the whole picture.
koru hand painted rocks
It’s a bit like the media and their one sided views shaping their stories according to what their readers want to hear or what they want to say. Never mind about the actual story the person wants to tell.
We are addicted to drama and struggle and all those things that create “drama” in our lives. Perhaps that’s why many of us like watching “drama” on TV because it actually fulfils the drama we create in our lives.
I enjoy stories about triumphs – those stories that make me smile like the falla who won Homai te Pakipaki on Friday night. I will never forget him and his gumboots! You know he rocked up there gumboots and all and he was massive! Bet not many people would have picked that one.
Or the story about leaders in Palestine who are using non-violent protest to stop a barrier being built across their olive groves. Now I could have got caught up in the media hype and totally overlooked this story…
So how do you see your world? Is everything in your world happy and positive and loving? Or is life a struggle, waiting for the next struggle and the next?
What do you choose to see?
Jo x

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