It All Matters

koru hand painted rocks

Every little bit counts. Going back over the year, I am reminded of all the wonderful things that have happened! We remember the big bits because they stand out but there are those little bits that are just as important.
koru hand painted rocks
In fact they are often the most challenging because the results are not so obvious, or they are hard work and you feel like you’re not getting anywhere. But these little things make all the difference in our lives, challenging us to move forward to the next step, up a level, to take a peak around the corner and persevere.

I had two amazing trips overseas this year – I met some really beautiful talented “different” people and had life changing experiences. I had an art residency at the beginning of the year which was also life changing and actually, this residency set the tone for the entire year and was where my overseas journeys began.

But in between these major events there were all these other little things that pushed me further beyond my boundaries, they had me thinking in new ways because I had to and each experience had a huge affect on my life.

Oh and I can’t forget, my rock a day project – HUGE! Or in the words of Tamzyn Rose Pue – EPIC – that word even sounds HUGE and when you hear her say it you’ll know what I mean! But I also see this project as being full of all these little things too, each day a step, a small step, important in the bigger scheme of things.And it all matters. Yes it does.

Aaaaaaannnd actually when I look back over the past 10, 15, 20 years it all matters – regardless of what it was or whether it was right or wrong. Each experience has led me to be the person I am today, to be on the journeys I have been on. And I have no regrets, only lessons learnt, stories to tell and a whole lot of love shared.

Yes indeed, it does all matter and what a life it’s been – SO looking forward to the future, reminiscing about what has been and at the same time basking in the now…

Jo x

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