Into the Daylight

koru hand painted rocks

Out of space into the daylight a brand new day, fresh, alive…
brightness… I come alive again…
koru hand painted rocks
Yay! So I’m here with whānau and looking forward to the next few days ahead. It was so lovely to come to Rotorua and to the sun!

I love the rain and the coolness but my body was wanting to feel warm, my bones wanting to loosen up with the warmth of sun. Longing for summer!

I took a series of photos for this rock and asked my niece Robyn which photo she liked. She says this one and called it – Into the Daylight. I like that and it reminds me of our drive through the gorge – from the cool, damp, rainy Gisborne to a brighter day.

Yes, the future is bright.

Jo x

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